So, you wanna know who is Empowered by Languages?

Empowered by Languages is YOU!

You that have had your life changed,

You that can work and live in other countries,

You, whose spouse is from another country,

You that speak more than one language daily,

You that can live other cultures and experience a second life.

You that believe in the power of languages.

(And the list can go on and on…)

I bet you agree with us on these points:

Are you passionate about teaching languages?

Maybe? Just trying to figure it out?

Do you agree on these pillars?

Teaching languages

is a fine art,

based on solid science


never come alone

We need to rethink

language education

(especially for young learners)


can change lives

It's about time to

embrace a  

Free-From Education 


makes a better world

Inspire the love for languages.

Change lives for real.

Make a better world. 

Make an impact!


Hi, I'm Luisa

and, just like you, I'm empowered by languages.

I love living multiple lives! I enjoy switching between languages, standing on a bridge and jumping on one side or the other, as I wish. 

I firmly believe in the power of languages

as well as in REAL EDUCATION

Anyone can say: 'I teach languages',
but only true language educators
can empower.

My journey hasn't been easy,
but I'm grateful because
without it I couldn't be who I am today. 

Wherever you are in your journey:
Dare to be yourself! 

Luisa's Story

I’ve always dreamt of becoming a teacher.

I spent years, time, effort and money in getting ready for it.  

After years of working as an educator (mainly as a tutor),
I moved to teach in secondary schools.

It wasn’t long before I accused the first symptoms of a ‘passion attack’.

One slap after the other.

Tears after tears (literally!).

My creativity and values suppressed, day after day.

The freedom to express myself and my creativity was in serious danger.

I started feeling in a trap and miserable. 

All my world went upside down!

Putting up with 'mentors', colleagues and supposed leaders I had zero respect for (professionally speaking).

Doing things I do not agree with.

As a bird in a cage, the only thing I was looking for was the way out…

Time to think. What’s going on here?

I wondered: Shouldn’t we inspire and motivate?

Aren't we supposed to teach important skills and knowledge for life?

Yes! I've had enough!

I wanna go back to the real ME.

Let's take action!

I decided to say NO to ticking useless boxes and collect meaningless numbers (grades).

In no time, I was out of non-sense.

I signed in for the real LANGUAGE EDUCATION
(yes, the one in capital letters). 

And now, here I AM.
Facing the world with confidence.

Working hard to do my little part to make the world a better place to live in, more ethical and educated.

And if you’re wondering what happened to my passion: it came back, stronger than ever!

A little bit more about Luisa
(if you are like me: curious! 😉 )

Yes, I do have ‘the papers’ (Two Master’s Degrees in Language Teaching and Scientific-Technical Translation. UK Qualified Teacher Status and other qualifications from well-respected European universities), but they don’t define me.

This is more who I am:

My thing: Teaching & Learning languages/skills for life 

                Multilingual, Multicultural & Educational projects

 NOT my things: Mediocrity, rudeness,  appearance without substance.

    ME:         Insatiable explorer.
                      Not afraid of changes.
              Can’t possibly stay in a box.
                      Don't eat animals.

My fav words:       Education,
       (not necessarily in this order).

Language crush:
Chilean Spanish

Identifying language marks:

I’m one of those rare people who still speaks Campidanese Sardinian.
 Yet, don’t have a Sardinian accent when speaking Italian (nor I double all consonants!)

Italian passport, 
Sardinian blood,
Chilean heart,
 Spanish physiognomy,
 French freedom,
 English pragmatics
…and, of course, I feel a ...
Citizen of the world!

                 Besides being 
   Empowered by Languages,  
                       I am:
- driven by creativity,
- inspired by authentic charismatic people,
- enriched by travelling,
- energised by sport,
-  relaxed by nature,
-  lit up by the magic

    of children.

‘Anything else ?’:

- My brain is a 24/7/365 unstoppable working machine. If you know where the switch off button is, please let me know. I’d like to use it sometimes. Cheers! 🙂

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