Trave​lling Around Languages

Teaching Languages through Travelling

The perfect way to turn
your students into curious explorers!

And you?
You are the captain of

their learning journey.

Ready to take off?

A NEW WAY of Teaching (and Learning) Languages...
and much more!

Totally refreshing, engaging and entertaining.

Kiss those boring drills goodbye!

Your students will learn languages while discovering a world ...

of many other things!

And, guess what? It’s gonna be fun for you as well!

Travelling Around Languages

Teaching and learning languages through Travelling means:

  • Experiencing languages at 360°! 
  • 100% full immersion
  • Getting to the root of words
  • Feeling the culture
  • Meeting stereotypes
  • Visiting idioms along with places
  • Discovering new skills and topics

In other words…
the excitement of travelling,

the curiosity of exploring
and the joy of learning.

Why this actually works

Because…TAL is packed up
with the most powerful
and proven tactics of teaching languages
Some examples?

  • Use the language for a purpose
  • Experience real life situations
  • Learn without realising it (unconsciously)
  • Finding answers
  • Learn the language while learning other skills
  • A blend of the
    communicative approach
    and the project work

    (The list is not finished, but this section has to get to an end! 😉 )

       Travelling Around Languages is for you,  if :

  • you are a passionate language educator (eg. teacher, tutor, homeschooler)
  • you are looking for a fresh and out of the box approach to language education
  • you like the blend of education and entertainment
  • you love discovering new things, skills, places


  • you want to teach languages to make an impact
  • you love travelling as much as languages
  • you like playing with your creativity
  • you are truly empowered by languages

Travelling Around Languages TV

Exploring Chilean Spanish

One of the activities you can do when using TAL is the Travelling Around Languages TV. What is it?

We have prepared a series of episodes for Advanced Spanish Speakers to show you how it works, in practice.

In 'TAL: Exploring Chilean Spanish' we went to Chile to explore Chilean Spanish.

You can see how travelling and languages can be successfully mixed.

Not only, will you learn the language, but also culture, habits, history and many other things related to the country you are visiting.
You can also make comparisons to other countries: double learning! 😉

                    The first 2 videos are in ?? English, the rest is in ?? Spanish.
----- Switching and comparisons with other languages should be expected! -----

If you watch the episodes of TAL Exploring Chilean Spanish, you should expect to:

  •  Travel to Chile
  • Visit beautiful places
  • Dive into the Chilean culture
  • Explore the differences between Chilean Spanish and Standard Spanish
  • Find out the origin of some words and expressions
  • Discover Chilean sayings, slang and language habits

Get involved first hand

Would you like to create your own TAL TV ?

In your language?
In your places?