The key to become a true language educator

EBL Training is different because we :

  • offer approaches and ideas that you can't find anywhere else 
  • tackle ALL the things that you ACTUALLY NEED
     (cut off the fluff), all in one place
  •  talk about 'popular' and 'unpopular' stuff
  • give refreshing perspectives and insights
  • create a unique blend of enjoyment & education
  • use theory & practice together effectively
  • think out of the box
  • don't promise 'fried air' (=non-sense. Literally 'aria fritta',  from Italian)
The scientific Art of Teaching Languages Course

The Scientific ART of Teaching Languages

Teaching Languages is an art based on solid science

Finally a course that goes to the heart of teaching languages

  • How to  teach languages like a true pro
  • How to stand out from the crowd of box tickers and grade collectors
  • How to make a significant difference in the world of language education

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Travelling Around Languages Logo

           Travelling Around Languages (TAL)

Languages + Travelling:

Why and how?

Teaching Languages

through Travelling?

Yes, you can do it!

And no, it isn’t just a matter of taking a trip and visiting new places.
In fact, you can use these activities even if you don’t travel at all. )0(